Low Impact Development

We are passionate about the wonderful place we live in and through our work strive to improve our environment. DCG’s engineers are well-versed in Low Impact Development (LID) with training and certification through the LID program offered by the Puget Sound Partnership and WSU Department of Civil Engineering, as well as experience in numerous LID projects.


St. Augustine’s In-the-Woods Site Improvements - Washington

DCG was contracted by the St. Augustine In-The-Woods Episcopal Church to provide site design services for renovations to their existing church facility and parking lot. DCG utilized Low Impact Development stormwater design techniques including bioretention (rain garden) facilities and stormwater dispersion systems to control stormwater runoff from the site.

The goal of the low impact design techniques was to mimic predevelopment conditions by increasing time of concentration for storm events using a combination of infiltration and dispersion to limit surface runoff from impervious surfaces. Amended soils and landscaping within the proposed rain gardens provides water quality treatment, as well as, an increase in plant evapotranspiration potential. Excess stormwater from the rain gardens is directed through a Department of Ecology approved dispersion system to existing buffer perimeter vegetation similar to pre-project conditions.


Seattle Pacific University Camp Casey - Whidbey Island, Washington

Davido Consulting Group provided engineering planning services to Seattle Pacific University for the Camp Casey Conference Center Master Plan. This plan provides for the phased development of facilities at Camp Casey to meet the need for a modern conference center. We worked closely as part of SPU’s team of consultants to develop a long term program of capital improvements to this historic site.

Our planning included an expanded water supply, stormwater planning including rain gardens for treatment and infiltration, and a new sewage collection and treatment system that connects existing septic systems to a water recycling plant. The recycled water would be used for sports field irrigation during the summer months, thereby improving the quality of the surface used for soccer camps. The master plan was approved by Island County as an element of the County’s planning code for an “existing master planned resort.” DCG engineers provided close support throughout the approval process that went beyond typical engineering services in order to gain buy-in for the project from key constituents in Island County and the local community.


Whidbey Island Center for the Arts (WICA) - Whidbey Island, Washington

Whidbey Island Center for the Arts (WICA)

Davido Consulting Group provided civil and structural services for the expansion of the existing WICA Theater which is seeking LEED Certification. DCG has designed stormwater controls, such as rain gardens and drywells, using Low Impact Development techniques, and is completing the LEED submittal paperwork for the water quality control credits and the construction stormwater pollution prevention (TESC) credits.


The Highlands - Langley, Washington

The Highlands

DCG was contracted to provide site civil engineering design services for a 52-unit mixed residential use community on a 14-acre site in Langley, Washington. Design services included completion of an extension to the existing City of Langley potable water system, design of a new low pressure sanitary sewer collection and conveyance system, and design of site wide storm water controls utilizing low impact techniques including raingardens and downspout drywells.

DCG provided permitting assistance through the preliminary and final plat processes and provided construction support throughout infrastructure installation. In addition, DCG designed an approximately 1,800 foot public connector road between Al Anderson Road and Langley Road within the City of Langley City limits to alleviate impacts to the existing frontage road and improve roadway circulation to and from the project site.

Client: Highlands at Langley, Inc

Martha Rose Construction Projects - Washington

Martha Rose Construction Projects

DCG has provided civil and structural engineering services for numerous Built Green, Low Impact Development residential projects. LID measures included rainwater harvesting, permeable pavement, rain gardens, and infiltration facilities.

Martha Rose Construction projects include single-family and multi-family residential units. These projects are built in accordance to the Master Builder’s “Built Green” program and utilize low impact development techniques to create environmentally friendly homes.


Kinney Street Parking Lot Improvements - Coupeville, Washington

Kinney Street Parking Lot Improvements

Kinney Street Parking Lot Improvements, Island County: DCG was contracted to provide site design services for the renovation of an existing service vehicle parking facility in the town of Coupeville, Washington.

Design work included the incorporation of LID stormwater control techniques such as bioretention (rain garden) areas and permeable paving, in the form of a plastic grid system, to help attenuate peak surface water runoff.